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The following kits and mini kits will be available shortly. 

Anglian 3L 144MHz / 28MHz transverter mini kit

Iceni 432 / 28MHz transverter mini kit

The crystals have arrived. The first mini kits of the current batch are being shipped.
A new waiting list has been started. Expected delivery is early in the new year.

The Iceni Mini Kit is now supplied with a +17dBm mixer.

Available now, the following......

VLNA70, 23, 13 and 9cm band  low noise preamplifier full kits
I can supply built VLNA preamps, but these are built to order. Please enquire.

PGA144MHz and 432MHz low noise, filtered high dynamic range amplifier full kits

WA5VJB PCB ANTENNAS. A wide range of antennas in stock.

GDPR compliance
Customer's callsigns, or customer names or company names (where callsigns are not given or appropriate),  together with details of orders, are stored in a spreadsheet on my PC for the sole purpose of tracking and dealing with orders and keeping accounts for tax purposes. They will only be divulged to my accountant, if requested, and then only in paper form.
No address or other contact information is held. I rely on Paypal to provide shipping addresses and exceptionally e-mailed addresses. Addresses supplied by e-mail are held on the BT mail server and not on the PC.
The PC is protected with commercial firewall and installed antivirus software.
It is a condition of ordering from me that this information is stored. Requests not to store the information will result in an order being refused. No request 'not to store information' is taken to mean that you agree to these terms.

Sam Jewell

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