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Please note
As of mid November, I am currently out of many common transverter kit parts. Because of this I will not have any transverter kits available until the New Year.

GM3SEK's App Note 4 is now hosted on my web page.
I have been selling Ian's 30/60W PA PCBs for some time. These boards are designed to accommodate the larger Mitsubishi RF MOSFET PA modules. The boards will take modules covering all the amateur and commercial bands covered by the module. However, the essential low pass filter that you must use on the output of each module (unless you intend to add one externally) is different for each band. Ian has thoughtfully brought together the designs for the 4m, 2m and 70cm bands in one App Note (AP).

In additiona to AP4,  I have re-introduced a 4m band (70-71MHz) transverter. This is based on the successful and award winning Anglian 3L design. Because the same Anglian 3 PCB is used the 4m transverter is simply called the Anglian 4.  A limited (for now) number of full kits are available. Details of the Anglian 4 are here.

Iceni is my 70cm (432MHz) transverter kit with 10m (28MHz) IF. Based on the Anglian 3L design, the Iceni is designed to provide serious UHF operators with a transverter that can be used with their high dynamic range HF transceivers such as the K3/K3S, IC7610, IC7800 etc. This is now especially the case with the performance upgrade due to the new mixer.
The technical description will be updated with a measured performance table due to the upgrade, whilst the assembly manual is a comprehensive multipage 'how to' document, essential for building your Iceni, either from kit or a bare board. Again, this will be updated with the change of mixer.
Separate schematics and overlay detail the circuit and how it is laid out on the PCB.
Iceni was described in DUBUS 1/2018. My thanks to Joe Kraft for featuring the Iceni. An update on device substitution as well as the upgrade will be published in DUBUS 3/18.

If you are looking for a low cost driver PA to go with your Iceni then G4BAO has some very nice little kits that will produce several watts out at 70cm.

Each of the DDKit products are packaged to order. I don't usually keep stocks ready to send out immediately. I do, however, endeavour to ship within a few days of order.

Please e-mail me to enquire about availability. Contact details are shown at the bottom of the Products page. Prices are shown here