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As of the 24th April the WA5VJB antenna provision has transferred to G3AAF. This site will take you to an information page.
This completes the closure of DDKits.
I will continue to supply VLNA23, 21 and13 kits until stocks are exhausted. One difference is that the  kits are now combined into a  single kit. VLNA70cm and 9cm kits are no longer available although you can easily repurpose the available kits using the information in the information link above.
The rights to the 2m Anglian 3 L transverter have been transferred to Robin Szemeti, G1YFG and he should now be approached for details of boards etc.
I will continue to host construction manuals for the VLNAs, PGAs and transverters on this web page.
73 de Sam

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