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I have been updating the VLNA preamplifier design with a new PCB. Although it looks very similar to the original VLNA23, which was later extended to cover 70cm, 13cm and 9cm (and a number of bands of interest in between) the new PCB was designed just to cover 1240MHz to 1325MHz  (23cm) and 2300MHz to 2400MHz (13cm).
Among the changes, the gain at 23cm has been reduced slightly, to aid stability and therefore to reduce the need for some of the expensive RF absorber material.
The PCB solder resist is purple in order to readily distinguish the new board from the previous versions. Also it now uses 0805 size SMD components instead of 0603 (with a couple of exceptions)

The new board is still under development, with a number of first spin (VLNA C) boards already in use. User feedback from these has led to some further, small changes, which are going through evaluation at present (end of August).

I do not intend to produce kits or complete units, but Gerbers and comprehensive component listing will be available available, maybe on Github. For those who do not wish to get boards made, I will have a very limited number of PCBs available. The intention is to first publish the revised VLNA in one of the amateur radio publications and then include further instruction on here, together with the existing designs.


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