Price list

Due to a general increase in component prices and the devaluation of the GBP I am reluctantly having to increase some of my kit prices. I've managed to retain most kit prices for the last 5 or so years, but this is no longer possible.

These are the new prices as of the 1st January 2017.

Anglian 3 KIT                                           £128

VLNA      KIT      (any band)                    £55

PGA144   KIT                                           £38  

PGA432  KIT                                            £38     

PGA Amp KIT                                           £13

2m 8W PA short KIT                                  £8

4m 7W PA short KIT                                  £8

30/60W PA PCB                                         £6

WA5VJB antennas

PCB Antennas    
2.4G Yagi
2.4G S Patch £5.00  
2.4G Big Wheel £8.00  with SMA
2.4G Quad patch £10.00  

1.3G Big wheel £10.00  with SMA
1.3G Yagi

5.7G Quad patch £8.00  
5.7G Dual patch £5.00  

5-18G Vivaldi £8.00  
9-25G Vivaldi £5.00  

400 - 1000MHz LPY £21.00 With SMA
850 - 6500MHz LPY £11.00  With SMA
2 - 11GHz LPY £5.00  

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