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Covers all version One PDF covers all four versions.
I new and revised PDF is in preparation.

PGA Contest grade, filtered, preamplifiers
Low noise Amplifiers
Anglian 2m and 4m transverters
Kits for the Anglian and Iceni transverters are currently
available only as mini kits, that is, they contain all parts except the SMD Ls, Cs and Rs.
All of the passive SMDs are 0805 size (imperial SMD)
I can supply a list of contents on request.
See Prices for up to date availability and cost.
Iceni 70cm Transverter

WA5VJB antennas
I carry a large range of WA5VJB antennas, with SMA connectors, where appropriate
See price list for details.

Price  Correct as of 1 January 2020